Review all of Your Documents with LeapDoc for iPad

LeapDoc allows you to take thousands of common file types, including CAD, text files, graphic design files and databases and effortlessly convert them to PDF for viewing on your mobile device.

This process is made especially easy with the ‘print to LeapDoc’ feature from within many of your applications or by using the desktop clients (available for free with the purchase of the LeapDoc app) for both Mac and PC as well as a web application for times when you are not on your own machine.

Promoting itself as a green alternative to printing, this app does make it very easy to carry a library of documents with you to meetings, work or school that you may otherwise have needed a hard copy to review and share.

What I liked: It is very handy that all of your documents are available from a single list within the LeapDoc app and they can be read, deleted or shared by e-mail using a very simple interface.

What I didn’t like: While I appreciate the simplicity of all documents in LeapDoc being converted to PDF, this may not be ideal in all circumstances. It would be nice to be able to maintain certain documents in their native formats even if they were converted to PDF on the fly for viewing. This could be especially relevant for those documents that you wish to e-mail out to others such as your resume.

To buy or not to buy: If you find yourself frequently moving documents around to your various computers and devices, this could be a very useful app and well worth the purchase price. In addition, if you had a reference library of any sort this would be a good way to maintain a current and easy to read version on each of your devices.

  • App Name: LeapDoc
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Productivity
  • Developer: Deep Cognition Ltd.
  • Price: $4.99
  • Score:

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  • Jonathan Matthews

    Hi Jillian, Thanks for the awesome review. I’m really glad you liked our app! :) I just wanted to clarify – it is possible to send many types of documents in their original formats. To do this instead of pressing print you’d drag and drop the file into the LeapDoc desktop app.

    Thanks again,
    (Founder, Deep Cognition Ltd.)