5 iPad Accessories Perfect for Father’s Day

Still searching for a Father’s Day gift? As part of our series on iPad related gifts for Father’s Day, we’ve come up with a range of unique and interesting iPad accessories, perfect for all kinds of dads. If your dad has an iPad or an iPad 2, you won’t go wrong with one of these awesome accessories. Forget ties, mugs, and golfballs – get dad something truly novel that he’ll be able to use all year long. Check out our picks after the break and you’re sure to find something your dad will love.

  1. iCade – iPad Arcade Cabinet
    This started as an April Fools joke at Thinkgeek, but there was so much demand for it that they produced a real one in collaboration with ION and Atari. This retro-styled tabletop arcade that the iPad or iPad 2 slips into will have your dad drooling. The iPad connects to the iCade controls using Bluetooth, and the iCade will support the Atari’s Greatest Hits iPad app (100 classic games for $14.99). The iCade API will also be released to other developers, so your dad is sure to have awesome new arcade style games all year long. Pre-order now at Thinkgeek for $99.99 in order to get one by June 19th.

  3. Aquapac iPad Waterproof Bag
    With this waterproof iPad bag, your dad will be able to use his iPad in all kinds of forbidden places – beaches, deserts, camping trips, even the shower. The Aquapac protects from water, dust, dirt, sand, and more, with high-frequency welded seams and an ultra-secure injection-moulded plastic seal. The iPad’s touchscreen still works perfectly inside the bag and remains visible, so the iPad can be used in all kinds of conditions. Get this for dad and he’ll find himself using the iPad in new and unusual ways. Suitable for both the original iPad and the iPad 2. Available on Amazon.com for $47.78.

  5. Apple Digital AV Adapter
    Get your dad this Apple Digital AV adapter and he can hook his iPad or iPad 2 up to any HDTV using an HDMI cable. The adapter will mirror whatever is on your iPad’s screen – movies, games, and even websites. Imagine how much fun your dad will have showing off his Angry Birds skills on the big screen, or watching Netflix movies in 720p right from the iPad. This adapter will also work with the iPhone 4 and the 4th generation iPod touch. Available from the Apple Store for $39.00.

  7. Mophie Juice Pack Power Station
    With this 3600Ah external battery, your dad will be able to charge his iPad wherever he is. No more running out of iPad battery on those camping and fishing trips – with the Mophie Juice Pack, he can just plug in and recharge at superfast speeds. As a bonus, it will also work with most smartphones so dad will never have to be unconnected from the world around him. Great for emergencies or just every day use, it’s the perfect travel companion. Available from the Mophie website for $99.95.

  9. Soundfreaq Sound Platform for iPad
    The Soundfreaq Sound Platform gives your dad a place to put his iPad and play his favorite music over bluetooth at the same time. Stream audio directly to the platform without missing a beat, and set it up anywhere in any room. It’s also very portable, and great to take along on short trips and vacations. It will play any audio from your iPad and deliver crystal clear sound. The Sound Platform sports custom-engineered  Kevlar-reinforced balanced drivers, an acoustically tuned dual-port chamber, and a UQ3 spatial enhancement processor. In layman’s terms, it does a great job of delivering loud, crisp audio from a small, portable box. It comes in black and red. Available on Amazon.com for $179.99.

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