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Before bringing an iPad into the kitchen, it is a good idea to protect your tablet from spills, splatters, and other hazards of cooking. We’ve already shown you Wired GadgetLab’s low-tech, plastic-baggie-and-business-card solution, but we have found a few other cases and covers designed specifically to keep an iPad safe in the kitchen.

Using a plastic bag is still the cheapest way to protect an iPad while cooking. I have used a gallon-sized, store-brand freezer bag to cover my iPad in the kitchen every time I have cooked and I have never had a problem. I have been able to access all of the iPad’s functions easily through the plastic. I even reuse the same bag — a level of thrift that would make my grandmother proud. Undoubtedly there are other cooks who would prefer an iPad-specific solution. We found several options that try to improve on the plastic baggie, as well as a couple of cases which are sure to please any culinary enthusiast. See more details after the break.

  • Consider the Chef Sleeve, which is thinner and more transparent than a typical supermarket baggie. In a clever twist, the box doubles as an iPad stand. Chef Sleeves are made from a food-safe plastic that is purposted to be recyclable. They are disposable, but presumably also be used more than once. Chef Sleeves are available from the company website for $19.99/25 count. We also recently covered a similar, albeit more expensive option, CleverWraps. CleverWraps are available from the company website for $14.99/3 pack.

  • The WaterGuard Case from Trendy Digital is an option for cooks who might want to keep the iPad free of water out side of the kitchen as well. This waterproof case is at home in the kitchen, but will keep an iPad safe and dry at the beach, poolside, or even in a sudden deluge. The case comes equipped with a strap that can be worn around the shoulder or neck — probably not a good look, but you never know, it may turn out to be the comfiest place from which to follow a recipe. The case comes in original or padded models, and is available from the company website starting at $19.99.

  • Don’t the best app(etizer)s always come wrapped in bacon? While the Bacon Case, or its cousin, the Bacon ‘n Eggs case, will not protect your iPad while you fry up a country breakfast, it will proclaim your love of salted, cured meats to all the world. Created by Antje Schmitt, an Etsy designer from Munich, Germany, these cases are produced in very limited quantities, so if either is an item that you simply must own, there is no time to waste! Both cases offer an unusual spin on iPad protection and are currently available from Schmitt’s Etsy site for $59.00.

  • The Meat Cook Book case, from, Vintage Covers, one of my favorite Etsy sellers, is more than just an ironic gift for the iPad loving vegan in your life. It’s actually a very practical kitchen stand because the case’s sturdy binding props up the iPad much as a traditional cookbook stand would. Other vintage titles that have found new life as iPad cases include Cooking For Two (the Better Homes and Gardens, not the Betty Crocker edition with the awesome Charley Harper illustrations — no one would intentionally deface that vintage tome!) Both iPad covers are available on Etsy for $34.00 CAD.

    Do you have a favorite method for protecting your iPad while cooking? Please let us know in the comments.

    About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

    • Darryl Lee

      There’s also this rack.  I’ve not tried it though — it just looked interesting:

      • whatwentwrite

        Thanks for sharing that Darryl!

    • Jeffrey Bonnell

      I just opened a new website… It features the unique suction-mount soft vinyl case that we patented and sell… You can use it in the kitchen to get the iPad off the counter and stick it to the kitchen cabinets. Also.. take it in the shower and sing along to music videos and stuff.