Media Lining Up for WWDC Keynote (Video)

WWDC 2011 is here and everyone in the media is eager to find out specific details about what Apple has in store for us during the official kick off.

Steve Jobs, undoubtedly, will unveil the much awaited iCloud service as well as details for iOS 5 and OS X Lion during his WWDC keynote. Apple’s keynote is scheduled for 10AM Pacific time today, and attendees have been lining up in front of the San Francisco’s Moscone Center since the very early hours of Monday morning.  The video after the break gives you a perspective of the highly anticipated keynote.

Everyone is expecting a major revamp of iOS 5, and of course the iCloud service will certainly extend the usefulness of our wireless devices significantly by allowing for centralized storage and streaming of our digital music libraries. The iCloud announcement should include major additions such as remote media streaming, and should also offer integrated features with iOS 5 to allow consumers to automatically sync apps, files and even support over-the-air firmware updates.

I’m sure Apple will unveil a few other big surprises during the keynote! Enjoy!

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