Chinese High School Student Sells Kidney to Buy iPad 2

While we love our iPads here at PadGadget, we’re not sure we would go that far to get one: a 17 year old high school student from China just sold a kidney to get enough money to buy a brand new iPad 2.

Zheng, the happy new owner of the tablet, received about $3,000 in exchange of one of his kidney. The story eventually made the news as Zheng’s mom notified the authorities once she noticed the iPad 2 in his room – a device that only the wealthiest Chinese citizens can usually afford.

I wanted to buy an iPad 2 but could not afford it. A broker contacted me on the Internet and said he could help me sell one kidney for 20,000 yuan.

While the device is the best tablet ever released thus far, it certainly isn’t worth a kidney…

[via San Francisco Examiner]

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