Top 5 iPad Cases for Grads

Part of PadGadget’s continuing series “Perfect iPad Gifts for New Grads”

New graduates from high school and college are going to be heading out into the world soon, living by themselves for the first time in college, or finding a job. Set them on the right path with a sophisticated iPad or laptop case that will inspire them to look good and work had as they transition into a new life.

Here at Padgadget, we’ve found 5 of the best iPad cases, bags, and sleeves for graduates. These make a great gift if your grad already has an iPad, or a great accompaniment if an iPad is your graduate gift of choice. If you’re searching for something unique to get your favorite grad, check these out!

  1. Bombata iPad or Laptop Case
    The Bombata case is the perfect size to fit an iPad plus an extra book or two, papers, cables and chargers. The sleek, unadorned design is elegant and professional looking, but the bright colors keep it from being boring. It’s a great choice for a young professional or a new college student. It has locking velcro straps to keep your iPad secure, an adjustable shoulder strap, and tons of storage. This case can also fit a small laptop or an original iPad, and it comes in other sizes. Fits iPad or iPad 2. Available in black, orange, purple, green, red, and pink for $39.99 at Ron Robinson.

  3. Logitech Keyboard Case
    With a keyboard, an iPad can easily do a lot of the same things a laptop can do, and it’s far more portable. Grads are going to be doing a lot of typing, like future school papers or resumes, so this may be a great solution if for ultimate portability and functionality. This keyboard case protects your iPad while you’re carrying it around and doubles as a keyboard and stand when in use. This wireless usb-recharging keyboard can be used in landscape or portrait mode, and is made of super lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. iPad 2 only.  Available at Best Buy for $99.99.

  5. Powis iCase
    This ultra customizable book-style case is available in over 45 leather and book cloth varieties. With patterns ranging from subtle to wild and everything in between, there’s something here to suit every grad’s tastes, but with this sleek design, even the most outrageous pattern will still look good. This case gives access to all ports and buttons, has an automatic sleep/wake function, and also offers a stand in the back that can be manipulated into 9 different viewing positions. iPad 2 and original iPad versions available. Available on the Powis website, $79.99 for leather varieties and $59.99 for book cloth.

  7. Snupped Customizable Sleeve
    If your grad just needs a simple sleeve to protect their iPad inside of another bag, then one of these handmade sleeves from Snupped might be just what you’re looking for. Available in a sock or zipped variety, these can be customized inside and out with over 40 different fabrics. Custom made for a perfect fit, and padded, these sleeves offer great protection. Handles can be added for $5. The sleeves aren’t as sophisticated as other choices, but there’s no harm in adding a little whimsy to your iPad when it’s going to be in another bag anyways. Fits iPad or iPad 2. Available on the Snupped website for $34.90.

  9. Stash Bags iPad Messenger Bag
    This bag from Stash comes in a variety of stylish tweed, herringbone, and plaid patterns. There’s a large compartment just for your iPad, so it’s sure to be safe. Plus, it’s got extra pockets inside and out for carrying plenty of additional things. This is perfect for work or school, and you can size up if your grad needs extra room for more books and papers. Fits iPad or iPad 2. Available at Stash for $99.00.


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    That Snupped case is adorable, but then I am a fan of both owls and whimsy.