Comcast Testing TV in the “Cloud” for iPad and Other Devices

The “cord cutters” buzz has been gaining some ground over the last year or so. Folks that want to detach from set-top boxes and watch TV as a more personalized experience have been requesting an easy way to discover the right content, and what they want to watch whenever they want to. They all want to have a choice on how they consume their preferred content via their tablets, computers, XBOX 360, or even their connected TVs.

Service providers like AT&T and Verizon have delivered U-Verse and FiOS TV services over the IPTV technology. But it is now Comcast, the one that could soon make its video services available over IPTV to simplify watching real-time broadcasts on tablets like your iPad, gaming platforms, and several other devices.

AT&T and Verizon have had success with their IPTV services. I’ve seen folks using XBOX 360s as IPTV boxes in their houses to watch live TV because Microsoft’s Mediaroom allows you to do that. All of these trends have forced cable companies like Comcast, Time Warner and Cablevision to embrace online video and figure out ways to provide live video feeds over the Internet to a plethora of connected devices. We’ve already seen how Time Warner and Cablevision have launched streaming apps for the iPad. Comcast certainly wants to join that group and bring a new twist to it as well.

In February, Comcast released an updated version of their iPad app that allows you to play movies and some TV show content on your iPad using a WiFi Internet connection. If you’re a Comcast digital video service subscriber, the XFINITY app will allow you to access some cable channels content, including premium networks like HBO, Starz, Showtime and Cinemax. However, you need a subscription to one or more eligible channels to play content. In other words, Comcast’s delivery of over-the-top content has been limited to on-demand videos.

Comcast is planning a dry run test at MIT during the fall. The plan is to prove they can deliver regular TV service via the Internet protocol (IP) and showcase real-time broadcasts to devices like the iPad, gaming consoles and other connected TVs. This means that Comcast will be leveraging “cloud” servers inside their network, to perhaps improve the much awaited TV experience the “cord cutters” have been seeking for a while. A way for consumers to search and select from thousands of content choices to make the television screen very personal.

If Comcast is successful, will they accelerate the emphasis on Internet video? Will you detach from the traditional set-top box at home? Will you use more your iPad to watch live TV?

[Source: Comcast Blog]

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