Opera Mini for iPad Available Now

It took a little a while, but a new version of the Opera Mini web browser has finally made it to the iPad. The new update has made the browser a universal application and comes with lots of new features that run natively on the iPad and has been designed to make the mobile web experience faster.

The new Opera Mini Browser features a new look and feel that certainly takes advantage of the iPad’s larger screen by leveraging pop-overs for menus and a visual tab browser that helps you organize and navigate content easily.

In case you didn’t know, Opera is the most popular mobile browser in the world. The mobile browser claims 21.6 percent of the mobile browser market today.

The new Opera Mini 6.0 supports the iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod and it offers a much better tabbed browsing experience with a very useful and customizable homepage. The company has also added social sharing features that will enable you to share content directly to Facebook, Twitter, and My Opera.

For iPhone and iPod users, the new browser version brings Retina Display support. All iOS platforms definitely get better pinch-to-zoom and pan gestures. You can also open new pages in a background tab.

We’ve played around with the new Opera Mini Browser this morning. The application can certainly become a very good alternative to Safari or any other browser application you may have downloaded from the App Store.

The following are some of the high level features as explained by Opera:

  • Speed: Up to 6 times faster browsing, especially when on slower or crowded networks
  • Data Savings: Compress up to 90% of data traffic
  • Speed Dial: Get to your favorite Web sites with a single tap
  • Visual Tabs: See all your open Web pages and quickly switch between them
  • Opera Link: Synchronize your bookmarks and Speed Dial with a Desktop PC or other mobile phone

The new Opera Mini Web Browser (version 6.0) is available now for download free of charge. It is certainly a different web browsing experience for your tablet.

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  • Lee Swain

    Unfortunately as great as it is (and it’s really great), it has two EXTREMELY serious flaws.

    1. It currently DOES NOT support video, either YouTube video or HTML5!

    2. A LOT of sites load the useless mobile version, which is garbage. Might make sense on an iPhone (but with Retina display and 3G I don’t think so) but it’s insane on an iPad.

    So as much as I wan’t to make this my default browser, right now it’s just broken.

    • http://twitter.com/pg_roberto PG_Roberto

      very true!  I hope they fix some of these flaws soon. It will be great!