iPad Apps You’ll Want to Have on Graduation Day

Part of PadGadget’s continuing series “Perfect iPad Gifts for New Grads”

Graduation is almost always bittersweet, as you say goodbye to one era in your life while looking forward to beginning a new one. These are moments you will never have again, and the iPad gives you fun new ways to document the end of this chapter in your life .

At PadGadget, we’ve come up with some apps that will help you capture friends, events, and moments in unique ways, giving you memories that will last a lifetime. These apps are also tons of fun, so count on them to liven up all your graduation parties. And, without further ado, congratulations and best wishes to all you 2011 graduates!

  1. Pocketbooth HD
    The PocketBooth app is meticulously designed to replicate the experience of a 1950’s Model 11 Photobooth, and will turn your iPad into a portable vintage photobooth. This app will be great for taking spontaneous, silly photos with your friends on graduation day and at the after parties. You can even print directly from the app with an airprint enabled printer, or just send the photos to all your friends using email, Facebook, or Twitter. Available in the App Store for $1.99.

  3. Fatbooth HD
    Yes, another similar photo taking app, but with a little twist. This one takes a photograph of a person and adds a few extra pounds to their face. Show your friends what they may look like 20 years down the line if they don’t give up the soda, chips, and pizza that young adults live on. Trust me, this one is tons of fun at parties. Available in the App Store for $.99.

  5. Photogene for iPad
    Use this app to edit all those graduation day photos, either those taken with the iPad or transferred there with the Camera Connection Kit or iTunes. Photogene has a wide range of photo editing tools to make your photos look great, from the standard cropping and resizing, to more sophisticated effects like artistic filters, frames, and captions. This will turn decent photos into amazing photos. Share them with your friends and family from within the app. Available in the App Store for $2.99.

  7. Procreate
    Yearbooks are outdated, and if you’re a college graduate, you probably don’t have one anyway. Instead of getting a yearbook signed, have your friends sign, write notes, and draw doodles in this simple to use drawing app. Any drawing app will work, technically, but I chose this one because it’s quick to save and switch to a new page, plus it’s good for writing and drawing alike. These are pictures that you can save as images or print and keep for a lifetime. It’s also easy to email them to your friends within the app. Available in the App Store for $4.99.

  9. Chronicle for iPad
    If you don’t already keep a journal, it’s never too late to start, and such a transitory time in your life would be a good beginning point. Use this journal to keep track of all your thoughts and feelings on graduation and beyond. You can even arrange photos on the pages and use it as a scrapbook, too. Available in the App Store for $2.99.

  11. Oh, the Places You’ll Go
    This whimsical book from Dr. Seuss has long been a quintessential gift for grads, and now you can get it right on your iPad. This is a book that you’re going to want to have with you wherever you go for inspiration and a reminder about all the possibilities that await you now that you’re moving on and growing up. Available in the App Store for $4.99.


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