Death Rally – iPad Game Review

For those of you who love to race, Death Rally brings a real contender to the table with a single-player, career-mode style game.

You start with a basic car and gun, but as you play, you collect spare parts and cash in order to upgrade your ride, your weapon and to meet various challenges. As you play, check how you rate against other players in the Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

Excellent graphics and two available camera angles round out this game. Every screen contains a lot of detail, even with a top-down vantage point. I didn’t experience any lag or motion blur while playing the game, even in stretches with a lot of animation.

My favorite mode is ‘Escape from the Cops’ in which you try to outrun a hoard of police cars that are chasing you and trying to shoot you. I must admit, I did very poorly, but it was fun!

What I liked: The game is very dynamic and responsive, which is exactly what you want in a racing game. I also appreciate that for the cost, you get versions optimized for all of your devices.

What I didn’t like: I would have liked to have more control over the acceleration in a meaningful way. As it stands, it is based more on perceived momentum than true acceleration.

To buy or not to buy: The game was fun and detailed enough to be enjoyable without being over-complicated. I wouldn’t hesitate to give it a download for the cost.

  • App Name: Death Rally
  • Version Reviewed: 1.4
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Remedy Entertainment Ltd
  • Price: $0.99
  • Score:


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  • cheesy

    awesome birds eye view game, hopefully in the next release we get a view behind the car now thatd be brilliant graphics there