Apple Patent Could Bring Aperture to the iPad

Aperture on the iPad or any iOS device has been simply wishful thinking for most professional photographers, including some of us amateurs that like to take pictures and refine images to showcase our personal photography style.

However, according to the latest patent granted to Apple, professional photographers may finally get their wish granted. The patent indicates that Apple is probably bringing a version of Aperture to touch screen devices, which could include the iPad.

The patent, as described by Patently Apple, talks about graphical user interfaces (GUI) that would provide “users of computers and other electronic devices with a collection of visible tools with which a user could interact (e.g., via a keyboard, mouse, touch screen, light pen) to perform computer tasks.”  The patent also describes different ways in which a user could use a pen or stylus to use editing controls offered via Aperture.

Aperture is a very powerful tool to showcase photography and manage massive libraries. This translates into lots of resources availability to run the application. Is Apple ready to release an Aperture application for the iPad? Probably not in the near term, but this patent is certainly an indication that Apple is looking for new ways to bring more powerful photo-editing tools to devices like the iPad.

[via Patently Apple]

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