Apple Planning 10th Retail Anniversary Event? But Why?

Apple retail stores will be shrouded in black during the overnight hours from Saturday May 21st into early Sunday May 22nd. Why? Because there could be a brand new product launch tied to the company’s retail anniversary, which is this Thursday, May 19th.

Consider the evidence: Apple stores have recruited 10 -15 staffers per store to work the graveyard shift. This particular skeleton crew is said to include all visuals staff, a manager, as well as one member each from the business team, Genius team, and back-of-house team, plus a few generic specialists. Employees who work this particular overnight shift will be required to lock up their cell phones and sign a non-disclosure agreement with Apple.

In addition, Apple stores have apparently already started to receive hardware that must be installed, but not until after closing time on Saturday night. Apple staffers have downloaded password-protected files marked “training” that shall remain inaccessible until permission is granted to read them, presumably sometime on Saturday. Finally, Apple retail stores have mandatory staff meetings scheduled on the 22nd, mostly during morning hours, which is unusual.

Just what is Apple up to? Let’s hope it’s more interesting than free cake and balloons. What are you hoping for? Limited edition products? iPod Nano with camera? A free t-shirt? Let us know in the comments?
[Via: BGR]
Photo: Dan Taylor

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