Want to Go with The Flow? An Approved iPad Kickstarter Project

We found another great Kickstarter project that has enough backers to guarantee funding. Yesterday we covered the iKeyboard (now funded) and today we invite readers to check out the Flow, a paintbrush designed specifically for touch screens. Joystickers, a couple of engineers with a knack for integrating tactile real world experiences into the digital world, designed the Flow. Anyone who wants to try this new product has just hours left to back the project before it stops accepting new sponsors.

According to its developers, the Flow will give artists a more realistic painting experience while using the iPad, or other touch screen device. The Flow has real bristles, and is “as close to a real paintbrush as possible.” It must be an improvement over painting with your fingers.

Want to go with the Flow before it’s too late? Pledge $20.00 and receive the original Flow, with an aluminum and blue finish (Free US shipping included). Kickstarter discount: $9.95. Pledge $30.00 and receive the limited edition gold and brown Flow (Kickstarter exclusive). There are also two pack, quad pack, and family pack funding levels. At this time the developers expect the Flow will ship by mid-July.

We have covered a number of different Kickstarter projects before. The site offers a new platform for fund raising that is open to artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, or anyone with a creative idea. Kickstarter lets backers become micro-venture capitalists. If a project succeeds, the backers share in the success of their investments, usually by purchasing the product or service at a discount. If a project fails to raise enough funds by a targeted date, however, backers are never charged.

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

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    What is a kickstart item and what do you do? I have the Nomad Brush Stylus that has real bristles great item but I’d love to buy? fund? that LilyPad. Thanks!