Pocket Hipster HD: Dry Wit and a Mixtape To Go – iPad App Review

Hipsters are a socio-cultural demographic group that is almost too easy to mock. Pocket Hipster HD uses the much maligned hipster as the basis for an iPad app with an attitude and smashing musical sensibilities. Hunted Media, creators of We Are Hunted, (a music discovery website similar to the sixtyone) recently updated its Pocket Hipster app, so it works natively on the iPad.

As the app opens, a frame filled with Pantone 239 lifts, and the user encounters an animated Hipster who starts a one-sided conversation. Meet Sebastian Fowler who offers that he is “thinking of getting a tattoo with the word “Helvetica” on the chest, but using Arial as the font. It’s ironic, obviously” Tapping on the music note in the lower right causes the hipster to pretend to grab your phone, play a snippet from your music library, and the offer a snarky put-down, such as your musical taste is “like a pigeon with a gammy leg.” The app then generates a playlist of 20 songs that the user can stream, favorite, or purchase. The playlists have the feel of a good, old-fashioned mixtape, that mix the familiar with a range of odd-ball covers and lesser-known acts.

Perhaps some (ok, possibly many) users will find the Pocket Hipster’s attitude off-putting, but that’s part of the schtick. I found them subtly clever and hilarious. Consider Delilah Delavigne’s description of her blog: “I start a blog in hard copy. I just print it out and stick it to telephone polls. I think it gets more views than my old blog.”

It wasn’t surprising to find acts such as Beach House, Andrew Bird, or Phoenix included, but Pocket Hipster’s playlists offered up a few surprises including Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” as well as a Julian Casablancas cover of the SNL ditty “I Wish it Was Christmas Today.” The app is available in the App Store of $0.99.

What I liked: Everything. The developers put a lot of effort into writing the copy for the hipsters. If you favorite a track you can steam it again at any time. The app was very easy to use, plus it ran flawlessly.

What I didn’t like: The app only works in portrait mode.

To buy or not to buy: Pocket Hipster HD is smaller in scope than Aweditorium or Discovr, so the selection of music is limited at any one moment. However, over time Pocket Hipster served up a wide range of music that will appeal to indie music fans.

  • App Name: Pocket Hipster HD
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Category:Music
  • Developer: Hunted Media
  • Price: $0.99
  • Score:


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