Apple Awarded Patent for Horizontal Docking Port for iPad

According to Patently Apple, Apple has been granted a design patent for an additional horizontal docking port for the iPad that could bring additional possibilities to your daily life.

We’ve heard plenty of rumors about an iPad 3 with the possibility of a 3D display and a higher-resolution screen. But, will this new horizontal dock patent play a major role on the next iPad?

This latest patent approval shows us that Apple was indeed at one point considering an extra USB port for the iPad bringing to it horizontal connectivity. In other words, the extra slot would have allowed you to use your iPad in a dedicated landscape dock to simultaneously sync and output content via two USB ports.

Of course, Apple never released the extra USB port on the iPad 1, and even though many thought the iPad 2 would feature additional side ports it turned out not to be the case.

Perhaps, the additional USB port could have allowed you to use the iPad to plug it into a monitor or TV while continuing to charge or sync the tablet. In addition, you could have used additional accessories that require an additional I/O interface.

The point is that Apple never released the additional port, and there might a reason for it. In case you haven’t heard, major companies like Google an Amazon have made a lot of noise with their cloud-based “media locker” services. Apple will most likely make some sort of announcement at WWDC for their upcoming cloud-based service. This all means that Apple may finally decide to go with wireless syncing, which basically negates the effort to add an additional USB port on the iPad.

Do you want to see an additional port on the iPad 3?  Would you use it?

[Image Credit: Patently Apple]

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