iPad 2s “Made in Brazil” Available as Early as July?

Foxconn, the company that assembles iPads and iPhones on behalf of Apple, has been in talks with the Brazilian government about the possibility to open a $12 billion factory in Brazil, and has also been negotiating with officials to retrofit existing Brazilian production plants to start building iPad 2s later this year, to help Apple keep up with the overwhelming demand for the device.

The retrofitted factory was supposed to open in November, but according to a Reuters report, the plant could start producing iPad 2s as early as July.

Foxconn’s new plan is nothing short of aggressive, and will help Apple supply enough devices in the 28 countries where the iPad 2 is currently available, and offer the device in additional markets across the globe.

Currently, all iOS devices are exclusively built off Foxconn factories located in Shenzhen, China. Countries like Brazil have been trying to convince Apple and Foxconn to build additional factories to build iPhones and iPads, to supplement the existing Chinese factories, and offer a production center better suited to serve the North and South American markets.

Foxconn and Apple are desperately trying to find ways to increase the production output of the iPad 2, to deal with the shortages currently experienced across the globe. Foxconn is also in the process of ramping up more production lines at its existing plants in China, and is currently able to ship about 4 to 5 million units a month.

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