Planetary for iPad – Re-Discover your Music Library

Bloom Studio just released Planetary for iPad, an app designed to help you re-discover your music collection via an amazing – and entirely different – interface.

The app does not offer a list of songs like the vast majority of music players out there: instead, Planetary will show you a galaxy, built using the information gathered from your music library. Stars represent artists, planets represents albums, and moons represent songs.

To switch from one artist to the other, simply switch between stars. Once you pick your artist, select a planet (album), and all the songs within the album will show up as moons. Moons have different sizes, and the more you listen to specific tunes, the more they will grow. In other words, large moons represent your favorite tunes, while small ones represent songs you seldom listen to – a great way to re-discover tunes you forgot about, or find your top songs quickly.

While technically, Planetary is nothing more than a music player, the app truly shines thanks an incredible user interface, that has nothing in common with what other music players currently offer. The app makes navigating through your music library fun, and visually appealing. Best of all, the app is free.

Planetary was released on the App Store yesterday, and is available here.

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  • Shahnlgh

    Got it, like it. BUT: Discovering your music library really takes time, so if you know what you want to listen to just use your iPod app. Nevertheless: purest form of eye candy.

  • Drn654321

    I love it! Fantastic!