Taposé – Brings the Microsoft Courier to iPad

In 2009, details started emerging about Microsoft’s rumored tablet project, which received the codename Microsoft Courier. Around that time everyone was touting Apple’s rumored tablet as solely an entertainment device, while the Courier was being presented as an interactive tablet with dual-touchscreens that folded like a booklet.

As soon as Apple unveiled the iPad, all Courier plans ended. On April 29, 2010, Microsoft confirmed the Courier project would no longer be supported, and the rest is history. However, a Kickstarter Project has taken the concept of the Courier and plans to bring it back via an iPad app called Taposé.

Taposé has been designed by two clever Boeing engineers, Benjamin Monnig and Ricky Drake. Both developers have set out to bring back the Courier concept into the iPad.

Although Taposé has not been released yet onto the App Store, the Kickstarter project has been quite successful thus far. The two developers have been able to raise $13,238, which has surpassed the original $10,000 goal. The two engineers are ready to start the final development before Taposé becomes a final product.

The application features a split interface design that will allow iPad users to interact with multiple apps simultaneously, accompanied by what the developers call Taposé collections. The application is being designed to let you multitask and move between apps across two screens.

The following are some of the features as described by the developers:

Split Interface Design

  • Drag and drop from Safari
  • Drag addresses to Maps for directions
  • Drag contacts over collections to share
  • Finish calculations without leaving Taposé
  • Full screen capabilities, and much more

Middle Separation Bar

  • Place images, sticky notes, maps, and more into the middle separation bar which acts as a temporary holder
  • Allows easy organization and movement between pages and collections
  • Slide to adjust the view sizes

Taposé has some great potential. We hope Benjamin and Ricky are quite successful in this new endeavor. After all, Taposé can evolve into a very handy productivity application for the iPad.

If you want to support this project, check out the Kickstarter project page and become a backer. By simply pledging $10, you will get a download code for Taposé, once it becomes an approved application on the App Store.

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