Fox, Discovery Agree to Add Channels Back to Time Warner’s iPad App

The story between Time Warner Cable (TWC) and content owners has been well documented. Two weeks ago, Time Warner had to pull out live channels from Fox, Discovery and Viacom because the content owners found the TWC iPad application as an unacceptable way to deliver their TV content.

Everything resulted in cease-and-desist letters sent to TWC demanding the removal of specific channels. After all that trouble, the cable company has announced that Fox and Discovery have rejoined the iPad TV lineup once again.

TWC has posted on its site some good news for iPad fans. Their iPad streaming application has added once again the following channels from Fox – National Geographic Channel, FX, Fox News Channel.

In addition, TWC has reported that Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet have joined their lineup, as well as Military History, Lifetime Real Women, Sundance Central, and Wedding Central. With all the recent additions, TWC now brings over 50 channels via their iPad streaming application. The number of channels depend on your market and your cable subscription package.

However, Viacom and TWC are still disputing the rights of streaming content via the iPad application. TWC has clearly stated they have the rights to stream content because its cable broadcast rights give it inherent rights. This dispute will be settled on court.

Let’s hope both sides reach a friendly agreement soon. It is time for everyone in the industry to show leadership, and become more innovative by exploring new business models and distribution methods.

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  • Bryon Bella

    I’m glad that TWC has helped their customers but I wouldn’t settle for 50 or so channels because I have all of my DISH Network employee subscription channels available to me on my Galaxy Tab and iPhone. I won’t settle for less when I can have DISH.