Showyou – A “Flipboard” Video Experience On Your iPad

Most social networkers keep up with what’s going around them by simply going to Facebook, Twitter or apps like Flipboard to interact with content, learn about breaking news or simply find out what’s going on with their friends.

However, sometimes even the most active social networkers simply want to find personalized content without the need to interact with others. One way of doing that could be by watching shared videos via an easy to navigate interface sitting on your iPad. That’s exactly what Remixation is doing with their brand new application called Showyou.

The company has unveiled a very useful application that gives you access to intriguing online videos. Showyou is a very fun and immersive social video app for your iOS devices that let you watch videos that your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Vodpod. The application also retrieves videos from user-generated content sites such as YouTube, TED and Vimeo.

Showyou can quickly become very addictive. The application features a simple, but quite addictive user interface that takes advantage of the iPad screen and displays all content in a grid view type interface. It is quite easy to navigate around and find hundreds of videos. The application also supports Airplay, which allows you to stream video wirelessly via an Apple TV from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

You can find and follow your friends on Showyou, or simply invite them to get the application. You can customize the Grid by inviting your friends, connecting to all your social networks, and deciding to follow other Showyou members. If you see a video you really liked, you can share it on Showyou or your other social networks with a simple tap to share via Facebook or Twitter.

Remixation seems to have bigger goals and a bigger vision. They want Showyou to become more than just a social-network application. As their Chief Executive Mark Hall has said, “the more provocative long-term vision” seems to be around becoming a video alternative to regular TV. This could be a bit of a stretch, considering the application does not draw content from major TV networks and other popular sites. However, according to TechCrunch Remixation plans to share videos “from many publishers so long as they’re HTML5 and iOS compatible.”

We will monitor the progress of this handy application. You could say that Showyou is the “Flipboard” for videos. It is hard to tell if many users will want to depend solely on videos from their social network feeds. The application has some potential, and could change the way you interact with video content.

Showyou is available now as a free download.

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