HD Video Surveillance on iPad via Logitech’s New Security app

Earlier today, Logitech announced a new security app designed to allow iPad users to monitor activities around their home or office. The app, named Logitech Alerts, will allow users to keep an eye on things in 720p high definition video, when paired with one of the “Logitech Alert” security cameras sold by Logitech.

Both audio and video are streamed directly to the user’s iPad, and the quality of the video will be automatically adjusted to allow smooth video streaming over both 3G and WiFi. Anxious users will prefer WiFi over 3G though, as a better video quality will require a speedy connection.

The app is also designed to push motion alerts to its users, to notify them when one of their cameras picks up any sign of activity around their location – note that this feature will only work for users who subscribe to the Logitech Alert Web service, designed to keep track of all motion detection alerts sent by the user’s cameras.

Logitech Alerts will be a free app, and is planned to be released within the next couple of weeks. Users will be required to own at least one Logitech Alert camera, starting at $220 and up. The online service required to automatically push motion alerts will set you back another $80 per year.

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    no mention as to what Computer OS the software works on !?