iLearn With the Mighty Jungle: Animals! HD

Kids are mesmerized by animals.  What they eat?  Where they live?  How they act?  From slithering snakes and fast cats to jumping dolphins and soaring birds, the wonders of the animal kingdom amaze them.  If you’ve got three to six year-olds interested in playing games and learning about animals, the developers of PBS KIDS PLAY! have created an iPad app with this age group in mind.

iLearn With the Mighty Jungle: Animals! HD is a life sciences educational app for preschoolers and early elementary school students that features characters from the Mighty Jungle TV show.

When players start the app, they are instructed to pick the Volcano (level 1), Statue (level 2) or Hut (level 3).  Each of these three levels of difficulty focuses on a different subject – appearance, habitat or living habits.

Kids learn animal facts as they listen to clues, identify animals, follow the map and help Babu the Meerkat find his friends.  A series of questions lead children from one side of the map to the other in search of different animals, while adjusting each level to the player’s ability and progress.  As they progress, kids learn about animals and their physical appearance, size, living environment, eating behavior, sleeping habits and more.

I’ve always been fascinated by animals and it’s something I’ve passed on to my own children, who now share my love for animals as well.  If you’re looking for an app to engage your young children, iLearn With the Mighty Jungle: Animals! HD is a good choice.  It requires them to pay attention and answer questions, while also teaching them interesting animals facts.  Bright colors, cheerful characters and easy game play also make it attractive.  Educational and fun, a great combination!

Additional iLearn With the Mighty Jungle: Animals! HD facts/features:

  • Created with the help of child developmental psychologists and educators.
  • Meets National Standards for Life Science teaching in Pre-K and Kindergarten.
  • Reading not required.  All clues and instructions are verbal so it’s ideal for preschoolers.

You can download the full version of iLearn With the Mighty Jungle: Animals! HD from the App Store for $2.99 and iLearn With the Mighty Jungle: Animals! HD Lite for free, with limited functionality.  Hope your kiddos enjoy it!

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