iWeb Coming to iPad?

After iMovie and GarageBand, the next iLife app to be ported to the iPad could be iWeb, the web creation suite designed to help Mac users to build websites in a matter of hours, thanks to a slew of templates easily customizable.

A new patent application filing, named “Device, Method, and Graphical User Interface for Manipulating User Interface Objects” and uncovered by Patently Apple yesterday, shows that Apple is looking into ways to improve the user interface offered by many of its iPad apps, via a new set of multitouch gestures. While the patent application doesn’t offer many details, it explicitly refers to Apple’s web design suite, iWeb.

Exemplary manipulations include adjusting the position, rotation, size, aspect ratio, and/or shape of one or more user interface objects. Exemplary user interface objects include digital images, video, text, icons, and other graphics. A user may need to perform such manipulations on user interface objects in, an electronic document authoring application such as a drawing application, a presentation application (e.g., Keynote from Apple Inc. of Cupertino, Calif.), a word processing application (e.g., Pages from Apple Inc. of Cupertino, Calif.), a website creation application (e.g., iWeb from Apple Inc. of Cupertino, Calif.), or a spreadsheet application (e.g., Numbers from Apple Inc. of Cupertino, Calif.).

Keynote, Numbers and Pages have already been ported to the iPad, and iWeb is the only app mentioned by the patent that hasn’t been brought the iPad, yet.

Over the last twelve months, Apple brought several of its flagship Mac apps to the iPad. The full iWork suite was made available shortly after the release of the first generation iPad, while two iLife apps – GarageBand and iMovie – were released alongside the iPad 2. Only a handful of iWork/iLife apps haven’t been ported yet, namely iPhoto, iDVD, and iWeb.

[via PatentlyApple]

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