First Generation iPad Deal – $200 off at Verizon Retail Stores

According to numerous reports, first generation iPads are currently on sale at all Verizon retail stores, with discounts of up to $200.

The 16GB WiFi-only model goes for $299.99, the 32 GB model will cost you $399.99, while the 64 GB model sells for $399.99. None of these models supports 3G, but Verizon also sells MiFi access points to allow you to use your iPad on its 3G network – the device comes free, if you agree to sign up for a 2-year contract.

You may not get the latest and greatest iPad, but the prices are hard to beat. Supplies are limited, so hurry while it lasts. Also note that the deal is only available at Verizon-owned retail stores, and not at Verizon-branded third party stores. To find a store, follow this link.

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  • Karen

    Geesh I’m better off buying a new one from the Verizon store then instead of Craigslist. I understand that Apple products hold their value extremely well for electronics, but people want to sell you one for 400$ used just because it has a screen cover and a case.

  • johnnyb

    Bought my 64g at the Verizon by the Apple store in downtown San Francisco. With the money I’m saving, I can get the camera kit, wireless keyboard and cover. Woo-hoo!

    And I turned it on and no LIGHT-BLEED either!

  • Store Coupons

    Good deal..a bargain?