Violet and the Mystery Next Door – Quick App Review

If you’ve been following Violet’s adventures as Phantom Girl, you’ll be happy to know the 4th book in the series has been released for the iPad and iPhone.  Once again disguised as Phantom Girl, Violet heads out to discover more about the new boy on her street in Violet and the Mystery Next Door.

Together with her dog Phantom, Violet waists no time investigating the masked stranger named MaxMan.  They eventually meet, have some fun playing in the snow and then join forces in search of MaxMan’s lost badge.  What do the two kids with the big imagination discover?  Do Phantom Girl and MaxMan become fast friends?  Find out these answers and more as you move through this interactive storybook.

Kids are encouraged to participate in the direction of the storyline each time they read.  A series of strategically placed questions throughout the pages of the book allow the story to be altered creating a unique adventure for children.  In addition to storyline manipulation, kids also get the opportunity to interact with objects on the book’s pages. Whether tapping on items marked with yellow dotted lines or decorating a snowman, there’s plenty to keep young kids engaged and entertained.

Black Dog Books continues to improve on its Violet series one book at a time.  Kids will appreciate an increase in the animated and interactive features throughout this story.  Additional features include narration by author/illustrator Allison Keeme, in-book mini-games, page curl navigation, read-to-me option and audio on/off.

Violet and the Mystery Next Door is great new app, loaded with fun interactive features.  I love the ability readers have to create and manipulate the outcome every time they read.  This new Violet app is lots of fun and definitely recommended.  Whether a long time Violet app fan or someone new to the scene, I think Violet and the Mystery Next Door is worth adding to your collection of kids apps.

Violet is back again and better than ever!  Join in the adventures of Phantom Girl and her new friend MaxMan with this fun new universal app from Black Dog Books.  Download Violet and the Mystery Next Door from the App Store now for $3.99 and get your kids interested in reading.  Have fun!

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