New iPad 2 Case Confirms Most iPad 2 Rumors [Video]

The folks over at M.I.C. Gadget managed to get a hold of a new iPad 2 leather case, reportedly tested with real iPad 2 hardware, unlike most other cases seen so far, molded against the iPad 2 mock-ups seen at CES.

The case is the first iPad 2 leather – and most upscale – iPad 2 case we’ve seen to date, and confirms most iPad-2-related rumors. It features a hole on the back for the back camera, as well as a cutout for the new, larger speaker. The case also appears to be slightly smaller than first generation iPad cases, and is mostly flat, with tapered edges, to accommodate the new iPad 2 back shell design.

Interestingly enough, more than 100,000 of these leather cases have been ordered by a “famous case company”, and have allegedly already been shipped to the U.S., which seems to imply that the design is final.

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  • deBrice

    I would bet on stereo speaker for the empty space on the top. Why ? Because once in landscape (as for watching a movie) they would be in the right position for stereo :)

  • meegwell

    looks like a case of OJ trying hard to not fit into a glove that actually does fit.