Apple Now World’s Largest Mobile PC Maker – Thanks to iPad

Based on DisplaySearch’s latest Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report, Apple has edged out HP to become the world’s largest mobile PC vendor this past quarter.  This is the first time Apple has held the number one spot and is largely due to Apple’s huge iPad sales.

According to the report, Apple captured 17.2% of worldwide mobile PC shipments in the fourth quarter of 2010.  HP, formerly the number one mobile PC maker, slid into second place with 15.6% of global market share.  Apple shipped 10.2 million mobile computers in Q4 which was nearly a million more devices than HP who was able to ship 9.3 million mobile PCs.

While some analysts have questioned whether strong iPad sales would eat into Apple’s notebook business, current sales numbers show that the iPad may actually be driving new sales of Apple products. For Q4, Apple notebook sales remained strong and continued to exceed the industry average even with record iPad sales. “Apple is currently benefiting from significant and comprehensive growth from both sectors of the mobile PC spectrum, notebooks and tablet PCs. Cannibalization seems limited at this point,” said Richard Shim, a Senior Analyst at DisplaySearch.

Apple will be busy this year defending it’s newly acquired top spot as rivals release a flood of new tablets.  HP has several tablets in the works based on WebOS and will be gunning to regain its number one ranking.  Although Apple will see increased competition this year, sales should remain strong as it benefits from a one year head start and a large apps and accessory ecosystem.

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  • lemoon

    This is not surprising!
    Well, from iFunia news blog “HP’s 9.7-inch TouchPad: webOS 3.0 tablet with 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon”, I still think iPad will be more competitive, and with the big chain support, Mac app store, iTunes, I’ll stick with iPad.