Enable FaceTime on First Generation iPads with iFacePad [VIDEO]

About a week ago, and after some poking around on the beta version of the iOS 4.3 software development kit, the folks at iPadevice managed to extract the FaceTime app for the iPad 2, and installed it on a first generation iPad. While instructions to install the app can easily be found on the web, the process used by iPadevice is tedious and complex.

Earlier today, iFacePad was released, and will allow you to install FaceTime on your first generation jailbroken iPad without having to go through a complex walk-through.

While FaceTime for iPad hasn’t been officially released yet, the app works very well – one caveat though, first generation iPads do not have cameras, so the person you talk to will not be able to see you.

Like with every other versions of FaceTime, the interface of the iPad version is extremely simple. The menu bar located at the bottom of the iPhone app has been redesigned, and the control buttons, such as ‘mute’, ‘end call’ and ‘switch camera’, are now grouped inside a window located near the bottom of the iPad screen.

To use iFacePad, you will need a jailbroken iPad, as well as a couple extra files (complete instructions are available here).

[via funkyfpacemonkey]

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    That’s not the correct applications folder. Anyone following this guide you use

    Where xxxxx varies from device to device. Thats the whole reason it asks in the first place