Create an iPad Video Wall with ‘The Matrix’ App [VIDEO]

A new iPad app called ‘The Matrix’ now allows you to create custom video walls with iPads. The app can be used to create animations that can be played across as many iPads as you can gather, as if they were one large screen.

The app was built to quickly put together animations using custom text and/or images, without an internet connection, as the app uses WiFi or Bluetooth to transfer information from an iPad to the other.

The app will help you setup impressive – yet inexpensive – video walls, as besides the iPad it needs to run on, The Matrix only costs $4.99 per iPad. One iPad acts as a server, and streams the proper content to all the other iPads that are part of the video wall.

The app was released a couple days ago, and can be downloaded here.

[via TUAW]

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