Fake iPads Still Being Sold by Large Retailers

About two months ago, we told you about the story of Bryan Shlager, an unlucky iPad buyer who was sold a fake iPad by his local Best Buy. It looks like mix-ups still occur these days, as a resident of Georgia was also sold a fake iPad earlier this week.

As reported by KPLC 7, a local NBC affiliate, Ken Lemal, the unfortunate buyer, was sold a display model. Of course, the iPad he bought doesn’t work, as everything is fake, from screen to shell. To add insult to the injury, his local Walmart store will not refund his money.

Lemal is the victim of an increasingly popular fraud called “brick in the box return,” where someone bought a real iPad, then switched in a fake and returned it for cash. Of course, since Walmart will not refund his purchase, Lemal is taking the retailer to court.

Walmart says they’re investigating the issue but won’t elaborate on the details. This is the not the first incident we’ve heard of regarding the sale of fake iPads, so be careful when you buy your tablet at a non Apple-branded store. Just to be on the safe side, you should always check your newly purchased device and make sure it includes a working iPad and all its cables before you leave the store.

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  • WAM

    Walmart and Target and the like are pretty much low end stores with a large percentage of low end workers and low end customers. As such, one should not be surprised that they treat their customers badly. They have a “creepy” feel to me and I avoid doing business with them whenever possible.

    • don’tberidiculous

      Low end workers and low end customers,what a snob. As for creepy, you should recognize that right off. No one forces you or anyone else to shop at either place, sometimes they are all there is in small towns.

    • CW

      How did Target get pulled into this??? The story mention WalMart and Best Buy. Also, I agree with don’tberidiculous….don’t shop there if you are too good for any of those stores.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JGHO2QUQH4JG6B3MBJIXDVFV4U 987654321

    it’s probably the Walmart employees that are switching them out!