Sixth Grader Finds Nude Pictures of Librarian on School iPad

Here’s a piece of advice for anyone using an iPad at work.  If you want to send nude pictures of yourself to your wife, make sure you don’t do it from the company owned iPad!

According to a report from The Columbus Dispatch, a middle school librarian in Ohio is currently on administrative leave because an 11-year-old student saw a picture of his penis on a school-owned iPad.

Apparently a sixth-grade student in a reading class at Groveport Madison Middle School South was using one of the assigned iPads during class time and discovered a personal message from the librarian to his wife along with a picture of his face and his genitals.  Four additional students saw the picture as well before the iPad was given to their reading teacher.

After hearing what happened during school, the student’s parents went to the school to report the incident.  They were told the reading teacher had also notified school officials of the situation, the district was investigating and the librarian was on paid leave.

The Columbus Dispatch was told by the student’s mother that the individual was the school librarian and media specialist.  She reports her student is also embarrassed and “made to feel bad” because the popular librarian is now in trouble.

You would think a media specialist would have enough common sense not to have nude pictures of themselves on an iPad at work.  Maybe the next time he wants to send a love note to his wife, he should try another type of media.

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  • RaycerX

    I wonder if the librarian was Sarah Palin….

    • Sam

      That is such a stupid comment. Shows your mentality.

      • TheOne

        I totally agree with you it was a stupid comment….there is no way Palin could be the librarian since being able to read is a requirement to be one.

        • Sam

          Hmm… seems you guys are all about 12 years of age. Grow up. Palin would have been better than Obama. All he does is spend spend spend.

        • Mike

          Ha!!!!! Good one.

  • Barry Wilson

    At least he didn’t quit mid-term like Palin, you betcha. Hows that ‘laskin governor working out for ya? Give me a break……

    • Liberals stink

      Hows that “ideological hack” thing workin out for you?

    • Liberals stink

      Hows that “ideological hack” thing workin out for you?