Autodesk Releases Time FX – Cool New iPad Alarm Clock App

If you have problems getting moving in the morning and have been looking for a better way to wake up, Autodesk’s new Time FX app just might be the app you’ve been waiting to add to your iPad.  Autodesk, better known for their popular AutoCAD software, has been one of the iPad’s biggest supporters and has released several drawing and engineering apps for Apple’s iOS platform.

Time FX is not your everyday iOS time telling and alarm clock app.  Autodesk has packed their new app with some of the same award winning visual effects technology used by the past 15 Academy Award winners for Best Visual Effects.  The app lets users select from a number of analog and digital clock formats and apply stunning effects to make telling time a wildly fun visual experience.

Time FX comes with over 60 clock themes each with its own unique visual effect.  Users can interact with Time FX by touching anywhere on the screen and moving their fingers around to trigger colorful Fluid FX type effects.  Time FX’s accelerometer support automatically modifies effects depending on your iPad’s orientation.

Users can use Time FX’s alarm clock feature to set multiple alarms and can adjust each alarm to play either one of ten different alarm sound effects or a song from your iPod library. Alarms can also be set to repeat for any day of the week, a great feature when you want to have different alarms for weekdays and the weekend.

Time FX is available for free in the App Store.

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