Motorola Airs Full Xoom Commercial During Super Bowl

Taking a page from Apple’s advertising playbook from 1984, Motorola used the opportunity during tonight’s Super Bowl to air the full commercial for their new iPad competitor, the Xoom. Motorola gave a sneak peak of the commercial earlier in the week and tonight aired the full 60 second spot.

The Xoom commercial is reminiscent of Apple’s vintage ‘1984’ ad and shows mindless crowds walking around with Apple’s classic white earbuds dangling from their ears.  While the masses go about their business, the ad’s protagonist reads George Orwell’s ‘1984’ on his new Xoom tablet and creates a schlocky video to impress the cute girl.  The girl, impressed with Mr.”Xoom’s” handy work, symbolically unplugs her white earbuds and moves away from all things Apple.

Motorola’s ad is clearly a jab at Apple and all the fans that ‘mindlessly’ buy and use their products. The commercial’s bleak Orewellian theme has received some criticism for its lack of originality and the company made some revisions to the full length version perhaps in a nod to those complaints.  While Motorola touts the Xoom as “the tablet to create a better world,” it still has to prove their tablet can successfully compete against the current iPad and upcoming iPad 2.

The Xoom will be the first tablet to use Google’s latest Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and according to Engadget, is expected to go on sale February 24 for $799.99 at Verizon and Best Buy Stores.

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  • Elias

    Looks like this may be the iPad killer…but we still don’t have any info on iPad 2. $799 is kind of steep though…they should release two models wifi and 3g/4g

    (by the way…1st!!)

  • Michael

    This is not the first time this concept was done. I shot a short film, “Do Not Disconnect” in 2009 with a girl breaking out of a world plugged into headphones. A world with no human interaction.

    Since we’re not expecting credit from Motorola, I’m asking people to please take a few minutes to watch how this idea was first done. Decide for yourself if you think this is too similar.

    It’s not an ad; it’s a fun, heartfelt short film.

    Thank you!

  • sam

    whose that girl in the commercial??