Apple Designing a Built-In Stand for the iPad

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that Apple is busy working on the next generation iPad.

But, one feature that hasn’t been discussed too much, is the recent Apple patent application for a built-in stand concept that could pivot to provide both landscape and portrait support while allowing the iPad to be further angled for optimal use.

A few days ago, Patently Apple discovered a patent application from Apple that reveals a future iPad that would include a built-in stand. According to what Patently Apple found, this new advanced stand concept seems to be quite aligned with another recent Apple patent that shows added connectors for a future iPad.

Apple’s proposed built-in stand seems to include a housing that’s connectable to the future “object” (iPad). According to the patent application, the stand would be adapted to support the “object” in multiple portrait and landscape orientations making sure different angles can support improved display orientations for consumers. The picture below shows Apple’s proposed built-in stand for the iPad in portrait and landscape modes.

According to the patent application, the new stand could be built-in or sold separately. The patent reads “support unit 30 may be sold separately.” Apple has also indicated that the stand could use a screw-in mechanism or other accessories such as adhesives, suction cups, magnets, or other items.

After reading this patent application, hopefully, this isn’t a new invention that would create issues on how upcoming iPad cases have been designed. We don’t know for sure all the exact features that will be released with iPad 2. Perhaps, this may be for a later iPad version. One thing that was mentioned in the patent application is that a recess could be sized and shaped appropriately to receive the stand, allowing it to be flush with the “object” (iPad) when the stand is in the closed position.

We’re interesting on hearing your comments. What do you think?

[Photos credit: Patently Apple]

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