iPads and iPhones Continue to ‘Dominate’ Enterprise Accounts

Based on numerous reports and first hand evidence, it’s clear that the iPad continues to make serious inroads in the enterprise space.  Apple recognized a huge market opportunity and announced during their previous two earnings calls that they were aggressively investing in the enterprise space to grow iPad and iPhone market share.

Enterprise messaging company Good Technology has been tracking activations of its enterprise messaging and collaboration app – Good for Enterprise.  The company began tracking activations last year and just released its first full year of findings in its latest report.  In short, the company continues to see Apple’s iOS ecosystem “dominate” activations, leading Android devices by a factor of two to one.

According to the report, “Devices based on the Apple iOS platform continue to dominate net new activations in Good’s enterprise accounts, fueled by steadily rising iPad activations as well as continuing iPhone 4 activations.”  Activations of iPad accounts outpaced all other devices with the iPad holding 22% of all net activations.

Apple’s iOS ecosystem represented more than 65% of all of Good Technology’s activations.  This was followed by Android with 30% of all net activations and Microsoft, which came in the third spot with less than 5% of all activations.  For the first time since beginning to track activations, devices using Nokia’s Symbian operating system dropped off Good’s Top 10 list.

We’ve seen enterprise users embrace the iPad as a messaging tool thanks to its large screen, long battery life and instant on capability.  The iPad has also benefited in that consumers are bringing their private iPad into the office and demanding IT departments provide basic connectivity and messaging support for their new tablets.  Good Technology shares this view and says, “We believe 2011 will be ‘the year of the tablet’ with the iPad continuing its rapid growth and new Android tablet form factors also taking a larger piece of this growing pie.”

Apple’s iOS and Android based devices should continue to see signifigant growth in the enterprise space; however, it still remains to be seen how RIM and Microsoft fare as their new tablets come to market this year. Good feels iOS and Android will “dominate the enterprise space and are particularly concentrated in the Financial Services and Healthcare industries.  As Verizon adds the iPhone 4 to its portfolio in 2011, we anticipate even broader adoption of the iOS devices.”

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  • http://www.mutualmobile.com Rachel Youens

    Interesting to see healthcare drop so dramatically and surprised education didn’t register as well.

  • slosuenos

    I call baloney. This app is popular for IOS devices because their enterprise features are nearly non-existent.

    Using this logic, we should show how popular IOS devices are by monitoring Flash video usage.

    Notice how the most popular ‘enterprise’ phone – Blackberry’s, aren’t even listed at all. This is because this app isn’t needed – these features are already built into the phone.