Store, Charge, Sync and Protect iPads with Datamation Systems

The success and potential of the iPad has sparked the interest of many schools, hospitals, libraries and other organizations around the world.  Not only are technology departments busy determining how to best implement the device into every day business, but they’re undoubtedly looking for ways to manage and secure those iPads too.

Enter Datamation Systems, the nation’s leading provider of carts, cabinets and security devices designed to protect a wide range of computers, printers, projectors and AV equipment.  The suite of products offered by Datamation allows businesses to store, charge, sync and protect their iPads, as well as other tablet devices, in one compact storage system.

According to Jerry Raymond, President of Datamation Systems, “Our goal is to create a compact, affordable solution.”  Datamation currently offers users a portable cart to easily charge their iPads.  The NetVault-IP recharges iPads and is available in two versions: one that stores and recharges up to 20 iPads and the other up to 40.  In addition to iPads, this system also supports eBook readers like the Kindle and Nook, as well as other tablet PCs.

Datamation’s product line will expand with their recently announced NETSAFE-IP beginning in February.  The new NETSAFE-IP is a tabletop unit that will allow users to use a MacBook to simultaneously sync 16-20 iPads with iTunes or recharge multiple iPads, all in the same cabinet.  Additional models are in the works to hold 32 and 40 iPads in mobile carts.  “We combine the Cambrionix USB board with a protected housing, power supply and user-controlled switch that toggles between charge and sync modes,” said Raymond.

Apple’s said they are working to expand their enterprise and education business, so it’s good to see companies producing systems designed to support the iPad’s various uses.  If you’ve been to school recently, chances are you’ve seen carts housing laptops for students and staff.  Maybe in the near future, you’ll see carts to hold iPads.

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  • caity

    what is the highth and width of this thing

    • Steve

      Hi Caity, The tabletop iPad security cabinet is 21″ wide, 17″ high. More info is available at