iPADKET iPad Headrest Mount – Accessory Review

Accessories for the iPad are always an area of interest here at PadGadget. There are multiple accessories that will come in handy if you’re doing a 30 minute commute to work or traveling across the country with your kids for a vacation.

Car mounts are one of the most requested items by our readers. In this review, we take a closer look at the iPADKET iPad Headrest Mount.

The iPADKET mount offers a convenient compact design, where you can quickly mount and dismount your iPad without adjusting knobs or using tools. This headrest mount gives rear passengers a good iPad viewing experience.

The accessory is rather simple. The iPADKET comes with a velcro strap. To use it, simply velcro strap the iPADKET on your headrest, insert your iPad into the iPADKET and you can use the iPad immediately. The iPADKET is made out of a sturdy plastic material that will protect and secure your iPad. The iPad will not slide off the plastic holder.

If you want a lower angle mounting, simply install the elastic velcro strap only to the top opening of the iPADKET and secure the strap to the headrest.

However, the iPADKET does not support all iPad cases. The Apple iPad case is supported by the iPADKET. But, depending on the iPad case you’re using today, you may need to remove your iPad from its case so that you can fit into the plastic holder. According to the manufacturer, any case with a cover flap width of 245mm will be supported by the iPADKET.

What we liked: Easy to install and easy to use. Built from a sturdy plastic material. A handy accessory that mounts flush against your headrest. It protects the iPad quite well.

What we didn’t like: The design supports a specific number of iPad cases. Depending on the iPad case you’re currently using, you may need to remove the iPad from its case to use it with the iPADKET. However, this may be acceptable to some folks that plan to use the iPad on a car headrest mount when traveling long distances.

To buy or not to buy: The iPADKET provides an easy way to mount the iPad onto your headrest. Simply velcro strap the iPADKET on your headrest, insert your iPad into the mount and you’re ready to enjoy the iPad immediately. A good accessory for your iPad. The accessory is available for $29 from the company’s website.

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