iPad 2 Cases and Mockup Revealed at CES

Over the past several weeks we’ve gotten received several photos of what are supposedly cases for Apple’s upcoming second generation iPad.  The cases all show extra cutouts for what is reported to be an additional connector or speaker and a rear facing camera.  Up until now we’ve just seen photos but it appears that some manufactures are so certain that these are the specs for the next iPad that they are showing them off at CES and Engadget just spotted one of them.

While roaming the halls at CES today, Engadget came across the booth of Chinese accessory maker Dexim who had new cases designed specifically for the iPad 2.  Of course it’s hard to get a good feel for how a new case will fit a yet to be released product and to help prospective buyers get a better sense for fit and finish, the company also had mockup second generation iPads on hand for people to play with.

It’s hard to believe that so many Chinese companies have already leaked specs to Apple’s second generation iPad this far in advance, but the design and sizing of Dexim’s cases closely match the details we’ve been receiving from other accessory makers.  You might ask yourself, why a company would invest in creating mockups for cases and display them at CES if they didn’t know the specifications to be legit?  Marketing?  How many of us ever heard of Dexim before today?  Not many.  But now with the bizz of having iPad 2 cases and mockups, we’re sure their booth will enjoy some extra traffic this CES.

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