Recover a Wet iPad or iPhone After it Takes a Bath

Nothing will make your heart sink faster than watching your prized electronic gizmo fall into a puddle, swimming pool or even the snow.  As everyone knows, electronics and water don’t mix and when it happens to a smart phone or tablet, the end result is usually a very expensive paper weight.

If you want to keep your device functioning, even after a taking a dunk, you might want to look at the Wet Electronic Tablet Emergency Kit from DRY-ALL.  The company makes a series of products tailored to drying out wet electronics and making sure you can continue using your expensive gadget.  The kits use a drying agent made with DRY-ALL’s proprietary Blue Bead Technology which is supposed to quickly absorb all moisture and completely dry out your iPad or iPhone.

The company makes several specialty emergency kits designed for specific devices.  They have one for smart phones like the iPhone and a larger kit for iPads or other e-readers and tablets.  Once you’ve toweled off your device of any excess water, simply tear open the emergency kit bag and place your electronics inside.  After 24 – 48 hours, the device should be completely dried out and ready for use.

We’ve had our share of gadgets fall into the pool, ocean or even in the toilet and we’ve had mixed results getting them dried out and working.  We’ve tried drying them with blow dryers, ovens, and even food dehumidifiers but haven’t found one method that seems to work every time.  This sounds like a good approach as the technology used in the kit is essentially a type of desiccant which absorbs any moisture in the air.

We haven’t used one of the kits on our iPhone or iPad yet but the company boasts “a 100% success rate when all of the products’ directions are followed.” DRY-ALL got their start supplying dehumidifying technology to the government to help protect sensitive military electronics from moisture, so we assume the stuff is well tested as the military usually has fairly high standards.

So before you throw out your wet electronics you might want to give one of these emergency kits a try.  The prices are around $40 which is definitely cheaper than buying a new iPhone or iPad.

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