CES 2011 – iProp, a Flexible iPad Floor Stand

CES hasn’t started just yet, but announcements for new iPad gear are already starting to pour in. The iProp, a fairly unique looking iPad floor stand, is one of the accessories that will be featured at the show later this week.

The device features an iPad mount attached to a long, flexible neck designed to allow you to hold your iPad in virtually any position. The iProp allows you to read, watch videos, or even use your iPad while playing guitar, without having to hold it.

The iProp’s mount can be turned in all directions, as it is connected to the neck via a ball and socket connector that allows 360 degrees tilt and swivel. The base of the stand is fairly heavy, as it weighs more than three pounds, and is shaped like a “V,” to make sure your iPad does not end up on the floor if you accidentally hit the iProp.

The iProp should hit store shelves by the end of next month, and should cost less than $80.

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  • AppsforiPads

    This actually looks pretty cool, although I love my Rocketfish iPad stand too. It allows me to manipulate the angle, plus it secures my iPad so even my 2 year oldmgranddaughter can use it qigong my worrying!!

  • http://www.SnapzSnapz.com Mike Irvin

    Interesting for sure

  • spambait11

    My iPad bed stand cost me $150 at amazon. :(

    However, my stand can hold an iPad with its case (even as thick as my wife’s Otterbox case); don’t know if you can say the same about the iProp though it is a great looking stand.