Crystal iPad Folio Case – Accessory Review

Despite the flurry of new companies announcing new tablets, the iPad still a hot ticket item in the gadgets market segment. This has definitely opened new opportunities for accessory designers and manufacturers that surprise us with new products every week.

In this review we take a close look at the Crystal iPad Folio from LapWorks. It’s a multi-purpose accessory for the iPad that certainly brings a stylish look to your tablet.

The Crystal iPad Folio is a bit different from other cases in that it has been designed to showcase your iPad on two transparent hard-shell cases that have been hinged together to secure and protect your tablet. This allows you to showcase your iPad wherever you go, and everyone can see it from every direction.

The Crystal Folio provides other features that bring additional functionality to this flexible case design.

A multi-purpose design: LapWorks have designed the folio in such a way that the joining hinges rotate 360 degrees on a stainless steel hinge pin allowing the top panel to rotate a full 180 degrees. This converts the top panel to a support arm that allows you to enjoy your iPad for landscape or portrait viewing.

A tabletop adaptable design: The folio top panel can go from support arm mode to folding completely flat against the bottom panel. This allows the Crystal Folio to become a tabletop so that you can type, answer emails, or use your iPad comfortably.

I liked that LapWorks added “no-slip” silicone bumpers on both transparent panels. It protects the panels, but it also helps keep your iPad secured when using it as a simple stand. In addition, the folio design comes with cut-outs along the edges giving you access to the iPad’s controls and ports.

In case you’re wondering, the Crystal Folio is made of shatterproof Polycarbonate plastic, which is the same material used on bullet-proof glass. It will protect your iPad.

What we liked: Very secure and safe case for the iPad. Definitely highlights the sexy looks of your iPad. Made of shatterproof material. Reasonably priced at $39.95 compared to a large number of iPad cases.

What we didn’t like: The clear material for this iPad case will certainly show fingerprints. It will require you to clean up the case more often than you would a leather case.

To buy or not to buy: If you’re looking for a folio case that will protect your iPad, the Crystal Folio is just that. It will definitely showcase your iPad design with its transparent panels while keeping your iPad secured. For $39.95, you will get a good accessory for your iPad.

  • Accessory Name: Crystal iPad Folio
  • Manufacturer: LapWorks
  • Price: $39.95 (special sale)
  • Score:

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  • iPad cases

    Don’t like this case at all, seems pointless. If you want cheap protection get a silicon cover or hard case.

    Don see where this fits in the market

  • Alan

    Looks great! And a shatterproof case is definitely better protection than a silicon or leather sleeve. I mean, I’m not going to be hitting it with a hammer, but if you drop your iPad on a hard floor it you want the case to take the punishment.

  • Rob

    I think this product is a hidden gem for use with toddlers, particularly if you want to use an iPad as a video player. Without this product, toddlers touch the screen and home button, and mess up their own viewing experience. This case covers both touchable areas, as well as protects the iPad overal.