Slimmer iPad 2 to Include a Larger Speaker?

From form factor to availability, rumors about the upcoming iPad 2 are pouring in by the dozen, and it is getting increasingly harder to predict what the device will actually look like.

A new report coming from Japanese blog macokatara adds its own list of additional rumors to the mix, as the blog allegedly obtained accurate information about the new device from prominent iPad case manufacturers. The blog indicates that while the device height and width should roughly match the dimensions of the iPad we know today, its depth is expected to shrink by almost 25 percent. Thanks to this, the rear shell of the device is expected to be flatter, and similar to the iPod touch 4G rear shell.

The report also squashes most of the rumors related to the addition of USB and/or SD card slots, as according to the site, the device will offer the same connectivity capabilities as the original iPad, but will sport a much larger speaker in lieu of the alleged new ports.

The blog also stresses that the device will sport dual cameras to support FaceTime, a feature that has been on the wishlist of most current iPad owners and potential buyers for a while. Still according to the blog, the device already entered production, and is expected to be available by the end of January – something we find harder to believe, as Apple will likely wait until the end of the first quarter to launch the device.

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