iPad-Mini Spotted in Taiwan?

Throughout 2010 we’ve heard plenty of rumors about Apple coming out with a smaller version of the iPad, one that would bring us a 7-inch tablet in 2011.

But, we also heard Steve Jobs referring to the current 7-inch tablets as devices that will be DOA (Dead on Arrival) due to being too small, which would force their manufacturers to increase the size in 2011.

However, the iPad-Mini rumor just refuses to die, and the rumors will start to go rampant once again after this recent picture from Taiwan.

A famous Taiwanese celebrity, Jimmy Lin, who is a race car driver is claiming to have a prototype of an iPad-Mini. The picture above shows Jimmy Lin looking quite confident holding a regular size iPad, and what he claims is a new prototype of the next generation iPad-Mini.

Is it real? Well, there is zero evidence that an iPad-Mini indeed exists. Apple guards upcoming products very carefully from the general public. The picture above is not clear enough to really determine if indeed an iPad-Mini prototype has been released.

For now, we will say this is a fake. But, only time will tell if Apple decides to venture into the 7-inch tablet market at all. Steve Jobs has indicated that would not be a smart move for Apple. What do you think? Would you buy a smaller version of the iPad?

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  • http://www.aprilrobbins.com Aprilr

    I would love a smaller version of the Ipad for reading ebooks. The larger version gets heavy after a while.

  • http://www.mojanemojan.com/ Mojanemojan

    Yes i also love too, but is it available in UK?

  • Cipofan

    Awhile back Jobs also said Apple would never get into the mobile phone business either !

  • Janet

    I don’t think that one is a really 7inch iPad, as I don’t see the camera on it!! it’s a Big Old Hoax!
    Well, to the iPad 2, Im looking forward to be thinner, lighter, and with the camera, of course Facetime video chat support, though the first iPad make me sucked in videos and movies enjoy, I think if have the camera will be cooler and more apeal~

  • Chris

    I could just be he has gotten hold of a prototype that Apple used for testing and then abandoned. Then again after seeing some of the fake phones coming from China on Engadget it wouldn’t shock me if that was a cheap android tablet with a ipad rip off home screen.

  • CMBarlow

    It’s more than likely a hoax (Taiwanese race-car driver looking for attention much?), but personally I’m upset at that. The full sized I-pad is a bit cumbersome and awkward without a proper stand to set it on when using the full keyboard. As a busy college student, I see the mini as an opportunity to replace my paper planner; i.e. more glance and go.

  • Life Line Records

    I love apple products, but I think apple is stupid for not having a smaller ipad. I have a samsung tablet, because I don’t want to carry around a laptop. I gurantee apple would be surpised at how many more ipads they would sale if they came out with a smaller version. I would ditch this samsung tablet with the quickness if they came out with a 7inch screen tablet.