ful Brooklyn 2-in-1 iPad Case/Backpack – Accessory Review

If you happen to use your iPad a lot while traveling, and need to carry both iPad and laptop, ful designed the Brooklyn bag just for you. The Brooklyn is a stylish, compact iPad travel backpack large enough to fit both a 15-inch laptop such as a MacBook Pro, an iPad, and then some.

The bag is made of high quality materials, and screams quality all over. The iPad pocket, which constitutes the front of the Brooklyn, offers a scratch free, padded internal sleeve designed to keep your iPad secured. Best of all, the iPad case is detachable and can be carried separately.

The Brooklyn is compact, and is very suitable for trips, or even daily use. The padded pockets do a great job at keeping your iPad and laptop separate. The bag also offers numerous pockets in order to pack cables, cameras, files, cellphones, and even a water bottle. Padded inserts are strategically located to protect everything inside the bag.

The detachable iPad case is extremely useful if all you need is to carry your iPad: it is compact, yet large enough to fit your iPad and a couple accessories.

The laptop compartment is nicely padded, and will keep most 15-inch or smaller laptops secured.

What we liked: The Brooklyn is a smart case/backpack solution for folks who need to carry both iPad and laptop. It’s lightweight, and allows you to carry all your work gear, whether you’re traveling, or going to the office. The detachable iPad case is a great feature.

What we didn’t like: Nothing

To buy or not to buy: If you’re looking for a versatile iPad bag able to carry both your iPad and your laptop, search no more, as the Brooklyn is one of the best solutions out there.

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  • http://iphonescreenprotectorblog.com Pat

    Looks like a nice backpack. It will probably be best for students and professionals. :)

  • Melvyn Mildiner

    Can you use the iPad pocket with an iPad that’s in a case? I’d hate to have to remove my iPad from its case every time.