iPad vs. Galaxy Tab: for the Web, iPad Wins Hands Down

Dozens of manufacturers are currently working on Android-based tablets, in hopes of taking over Apple’s current position with the iPad, however, when it comes to web performance, the first models available seem to disappoint.

According to an article from AppleInsider, Sencha, a web developer, admitted that the Galaxy Tab, the first mass-market Android tablet, is “a little bit of a disappointment.”

The web outlet develops JavaScript frameworks to help developers create web-based app, using technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 transforms, Canvas animations, Web Sockets, etc… Sencha performed a fairly detailed comparison between the Galaxy Tab and the iPad using various tools designed to benchmark HTML5 and JavaScript performance. For the naysayers out there, note that both devices use WebKit at the core of their HTML rendering engine, so the comparison makes a lot of sense.

While the Galaxy Tab supports a variety of modern HTML5 features, the HTML5 feature set offered by the device fell short when compared to the iPad’s. And while raw JavaScript performance was in some cases better on the Android tablet, real life performance appears to be lackluster. According to Sancha, even though the tablet offers Flash support, the performance is so poor that most Flash animations end up either choppy, or unreadable.

In a test of HTML5 web audio and videos, the Galaxy Tab also failed, with choppy or unplayable videos, while the iPad did just fine. HTML5 and CSS3 performance tests yielded similar results. One of the major issue the Galaxy Tab suffers from is its CSS pixel to device pixel ratio, which prevents the tablet from offering a web experience better than what Android phones already offer today.

In other words, Sancha considers the Galaxy Tab an “over-sized phone” rather than a tablet when it comes to web content. Sancha concludes “We’re still waiting for the first awesome Android tablet.”

While the next generation of Android tablets will likely perform much better than the Galaxy Tab when it comes to web rendering, it appears that once again, the iPad competition is nowhere to be found.

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  • http://TechReview.LIEconomy.com Phil

    I don’t know what Android tablet you had your hands on buddy. I compared an iPad to a cheap ($90) no-name Android 2.1 tablet I bought from China. Side-by-side the Android whopped the iPads butt on EVERY site we went to. We tried Flash, HTML5, CSS3 Javascript, you name it and the Android not only loaded faster but played smoother as well. I could even tether my Android phone to it but not to the iPad. I think if I had nothing else the iPad might be fun to play with but for now I can buy 5 Android tablets and get a better experience.


  • Stocklone

    I have a hacked (TnT lite 2.2) Viewsonic G Tablet ($380) with a Tegra 2 chipset. It runs flash perfectly. No stuttering at all. This is going to be the default hardware spec for all of the major new Android tablets next year. At that point the iPad will be toast.

  • http://www.sebastianhahn.de Sebastian

    Yep, Apple caught ’em all completely unprepared…

  • shane

    riiight… ipad will be niche to android and chrome tablets in a year.. i own 2 ipads and will dump them for android ones as soon as one is avail with front and rear cameras and sd slots. i HATE the browser on the ipad and if it wasnt for pulse id still be forced to get my sites from a real browser/notebook. try testing cyanogen on that galaxy tab then see who wins..

    • Steve

      For hating the iPad so much, its lack of cameras, hating its browser and yearning so much for an Android tablet, I gotta question your mentality for buying two fairly pricey things you obviously don’t like.

  • Mister T

    Suck it up, Android stole Apple’s webkit for their browser, and didn’t even get it right! iPad wins, deal with it.

  • http://iphonescreenprotectorblog.com Pat

    Galaxy Tab did not really gave iPad a run for its money. Next tablet, please. :)

  • Ruka

    I own an iPad and it performs really well, tried a Galaxy tab at a local store, and overall I was also impressed, but the tab is relatively slower in the menus, the iPad really handles the menus and different screens well. Considering also that Samsung decided to price this device so high, I also aspected was a better build/overall looking product.
    Net wise, maybe due to the store’s wireless net, was really bad on the Galaxy, for a product that is using the “we have flash” gimmick, it really performed bad in YouTube for example. long loading times, stopped many a times to buffer, but otherwise nice quality.
    Honestly i like the fact that there is competition, so these great new gadgets may evolve and take ideas from each other!

  • David

    mmm lots of fanboyism here… I think you got it wrong. The ipad may win hands down at home, surfing the web in the comfort of your couch, but out there, when you are on the move the 700+ gr is a ballast you don’t carry for long. The tab is not competing with the ipad on screen size, but on portability, and there… sorry ipad. about price… well the tab has -thx God!- reduced the price quite dramatically here in europe, around 500 EUR now for a unlocked no-contract unit. iPad is great for couch potatos, Galaxy Tab is excellent for road warriors.