Next Gen iPad Case Appears out of the Blue – Rear Camera Support Confirmed?

An interesting picture coming from Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen MacTop Electronics just emerged: the picture shows a case supposedly designed for the next-gen iPad.

The case is not for sale, and is only a model made available to wholesalers, but according to the manufacturer, the case is precision molded to fit the next iteration of the iPad, even though Apple hasn’t confirmed the device yet.

If you look carefully, a rear hole at the upper left corner of the picture is visible, which seems to confirm the fact that the next gen iPad will indeed embed at least a rear camera. While we’re fairly certain that the upcoming device will feature a front camera in order to allow iPad users to use FaceTime, the picture cannot confirm this.

As usual, this piece of news should be taken with a grain of salt. However, given the fact that MacTop is located close to Foxconn’s factory in China, this picture appears to be legitimate, and in line with what we heard so far about the new device.

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  • Joe

    If this case is true, it negates the idea of having a bottom, and side docking capabilities.