Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is Coming

Chillingo fans, rejoice, as the UK-based publisher is about to release a new version of Cut the Rope for the holiday season. Called Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift, the app will offer 25 holiday-themed levels, and Chillingo plans to make the app completely free.

Like with the previous iteration of the game, your job is to feed colorful pieces of candy to Om Nom, a cutesy green creature that showed up on your doorstep one day. Of course, dropping candies into Om Nom’s mouth is not an easy task, as each candy is connected to a series of ropes that you need to cut at the right moment in order to complete each level. Each level features its own set of obstacles, including spikes, hungry spiders and electric fields to make your task even more difficult. To help you navigate the candy to the right place, the game offers additional tools such as bubbles, air gushers, elastic ropes, etc….

The new version adds a twist to the game, as special holiday socks can be used to “teleport” your candy from one part of the level to the other.

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift will be released within the next coming days, we’ll let you know as soon as the game shows up in the App Store.

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