iPadLock – First iPad Security Cable Lock

This year we’ve seen how a hot item like the iPad has been the target for several thieves. There are some apps available to you like “Find My iPhone/iPad”, which is a nice way to track, lock or completely wipe your iPad’s memory if it goes missing.

However, there are some folks that like to avoid that situation from ever happening. Perhaps, you may want to consider Maclocks solution.

Maclocks has launched the iPadLock, which is an iPad cable lock. Maclocks sells locks solutions for Apple computers. The company is targeting its new iPad accessory towards folks that like to frequent public places like schools, offices, libraries, hospitals and coffee shops.

How does it work? The first component of the iPadLock is a hard, clear plastic case you can leave on your iPad for everyday protection. Given that the iPad has no security slot, the case has one built in. That’s how you can lock the security cable to the case, and loop the cable’s other end around a fixed object (like a table). Once the case and cable are locked together, it’s quite difficult to detach the case without damaging the iPad.

The actual cable weighs less than 1-pound. The cable lock-head has a small diameter, which makes the iPadLock flexible and light while on-the-go.

Even though the company is setting up worldwide resellers and distribution channels for the iPadLock, you can pre-order your iPadLock from Maclocks website.

Maclocks is offering the iPad Stand-alone case (no lock included) for $39.95, and the Security Bundle (Security Case & iPad Security Cable Lock Bundle) for $64.95.

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  • http://www.maclocks.com Gavi Adams

    Finally! we have had two incidents of theft at our college.
    Seems like this iPadLock by maclocks.com might just be our answer.