Apple and News Corp Set to Launch Joint Newspaper App

Rupert Murdoch has been a big fan of the iPad since the device was announced earlier this year and has even called it a “game changer.”  Seems he wasn’t kidding, according to the Guardian UK Murdoch has partnered with Apple to jointly launch a new newspaper publication exclusively for the iPad.

The new newspaper, rumored to be called the Daily, will not have any print or online editions but will instead be exclusively available on the Apple iPad.  The project has been underway for several months and the Guardian claims Apple engineers have been working collaboratively with the News Corp team to get the app ready for launch.

Murdoch is betting that digital distribution is the future of the newspaper business and is investing heavily to prepare for the new wave of tablets and e-readers.  We previously reported that Murdoch’s News Corporation planned to launch a brand new media business focused solely on tablet devices and that it would “provide content for a subscription application on digital tablet devices such as Apple’s iPad.”

Earlier in June, CNET also reported that Murdoch was working on such a project. The article stated that a new iPad focused venture “would incorporate text, photo and video, tailored for the iTunes app format …. neither a newspaper nor a news website — it would not be based on any of News Corp’s existing papers.”

The new Daily app will cost readers 99¢ a week and would automatically be pushed to their iPad over the air.  According to Women’s Wear Daily, Steve Jobs is a “major fan” of Murdoch and “when the project is announced, don’t be surprised if you see Steve Jobs onstage with Rupert Murdoch, welcoming The Daily to the app world.”

It would strike us as a bit strange to see the two companies collaborate so closely and actually build a joint newspaper app. However,  it is also clear that Apple is pushing to extend the iPad into the world of print.  With their push of iBooks and the iBookstore, we could see Apple creating a digital publishing platform for newspapers and magazines but we would expect them to create the platform for all publishers versus joining force with a single company.

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  • MFK

    The best feature that i like most that it will appear automatically, Great!

  • Mojanemojan

    I really like automatically appearing of the news.

  • JoeG

    Problem is Murdoch, any articles or news will be right wing propaganda like Fox news. No thanks.

    • Jamie Kelley

      Nonsense. See below and grab the free The Times ipad app…

  • Jamie Kelley

    Fabulous news. This app will be awesome. To give you an idea of how incredible this feature will be, download the free iPad app called The Times, Murdoch’s online daily version of the London Times. The first 30-days is a free subscription and I guarantee it’ll blow your mind. Electrifying and incredible interactive e-newspaper.