iPad and iPhone Amongst Top Items of ‘Black Friday’ Buying Predictions!

Making plans and saving money for Black Friday? You may want to know that the iPad and iPhone are amongst the most sought items according to the folks at BlackFriday.com. If you plan to get one of these gadgets, make plans now!

For some of our international readers, Black Friday happens every year. In the U.S., the day after Thanksgiving has been given that name due to the large number of discounted deals offered by stores to all shoppers for one day. And, the folks of well known site BlackFriday.com have shared a preview of what their online shoppers expect to buy this coming holiday season.

BlackFriday.com ran a survey in October. The Black Friday survey reveals that 91 percent of U.S. consumers expect retail Black Friday activity to be at least as big as 2009, and almost 60 percent believe it will be much bigger.

But, what caught my attention is how many technology gadgets are being targeted by consumers this year. Consumers, in general, have become more tech savvy, or for sure their kids have made them aware of technology. If we look at the Black Friday survey, 6 out of 12 categories fall into the technology segment. And, 4 of the top 5 categories are simply related to gadgets and gear.

All survey respondents were asked to predict the hottest individual product for Black Friday 2010. The results show the iPad at the top of the list, and the iPhone in third place following Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect. The following list shows the 15 most popular predictions.

  1. Apple iPad
  2. Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect
  3. Apple iPhone
  4. Sony HDTV
  5. Blu-Ray
  6. HTC Droid
  7. Canon Digital Camera
  8. Samsung 3D TV
  9. Dell Laptop
  10. Amazon Kindle
  11. Apple iPod Touch
  12. HP Mini Netbook
  13. Flip Video Camcorder
  15. Xbox 360 Gaming Console

If these predictions become a reality, we could potentially have a crazy spending holiday season where everyone will be showing off their latest gadget. If you review the predictions carefully, the top 15 list consists mostly of what I call “connected devices”. That’s correct. Devices and gadgets that will keep you online, will give you access to stream all kinds of content, and many of them will give you access to lots of applications. This is a great opportunity for all developers and creative minds out there.

What are your plans for Black Friday? Do you have a shopping list already? What are your predictions for this holiday season? Share your comments with us!

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